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Climate-friendly chemistry

The Bruno Bock Group has incorporated the topics of energy and environmental friendliness into its strategic corporate goals. As a contribution to limiting human-induced climate change, all of the company’s processes are designed to be as energy-efficient, resource-conserving and sustainable as possible.

The company has implemented this intention operationally with the certifications of the internationally recognized standards of environmental management (ISO 14001) and energy management (ISO 50001) and validates the derived goals on an ongoing basis.

In specific terms, Bruno Bock wants to increase its energy efficiency by 2.3 percent annually, as compared to the reference year 2020.

One goal, two paths

The Bruno Bock Group pursues two approaches:

One is modernizing our production processes in cooperation with external partners so that consistently less emissions will be generated.

As our second approach we switched external electricity purchases to “green electricity,” which reduces greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining and expanding renewable energy systems in Germany.

As part of this, the Group supports CO2 emission-reducing projects. This year, for example, the Bruno Bock Group was able to help restore a 68-hectare area of the Königsmoor marsh in Schleswig-Holstein to serve as a CO2 sink. Intact marshes are natural CO2 sinks that can only fulfill their storage function as long as their water balance is intact. Drained peat soils, on the other hand, decompose, releasing greenhouse gases that are harmful to the climate.

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