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Thiocare® H

Brand promise When it comes to cosmetics

Thiocare® H is the largest portfolio of high performance active ingredients to straighten, perm or remove hair long-lastingly. Our different solutions not only ensure longest lasting results, they also empower our clients to have full formulation versatility according to hair profile – whether it is virgin, processed or sensitized hair. In addition to outstanding quality products and reliable supply we offer our clients initial frame formulations and expert support throughout their product development process.

Brand Details the ideal formulations of solutions

For hair to form a new shape it is required to soften the ceratin structure of the hair so that the hair can assume the new shape. In the late 1930s Dr. Ralph Evans, the founder of Evans Chemetics, discovered that thioglycolic acid and its salts are highly efficient reagents for this purpose. Based on this discovery we have established our Thiocare® H brand which represents a selection of cosmetic grade ingredients for formulations ranging from acidic to alkaline solutions for permanent waves, straighteners or depilatories. For decades Thiocare® H products are key ingredients in formulations for permanent waves, hair straighteners or depilatories.