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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Responsibility for humans and the environment is a key element of the values and the strategy of the Bruno Bock group. In addition, corporate social responsibility with regards to the global supply chain is gaining importance. As a consequence, an independent assessment by the globally applied EcoVadis-standard was conducted and the group was awarded with the "Silver recognition level" from EcoVadis. The “Silver recognition level” rewards the group’s continuous focus on sustainability, transparency, community enrichment and ethical growth.


EcoVadis Rating Responsibility rewarded

In 2023 the Bruno Bock group was rewarded with the "Silver Medal" from EcoVadis for responsible conduct in the environment, labor practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement. 


Sustainability We act with foresight

Sustainability is a major aspect in the company strategy of the Bruno Bock group. For us sustainability is not only energy savings, reduction of emmissions and the usage of renewable resources but also relates to worker and plant safety.


Integrated Management System Decision Support for our clients

The Bruno Bock group has established an Integrated Management System (IMS) according to the guidelines from DIN EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management), DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), DIN EN ISO 45001 (Health-Safety Management) and DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy-Management) to achieve the quality, environmental and safety goals defined in the corporate strategy. The group’s management system exceeds the requirements of the DIN-norms and is the base for the continuous improvement processes within the group.


Quality Program Best performance is our standard

Our commitment is to provide unmatched quality to our worldwide customer base. Our quality programm integrates all elements of product quality and process control and operates a highly automated quality management system.


Environmental Program We do a lot to leave less

The Bruno Bock group has established an Environmental Management Program to continuously monitor and evaluate the environmental impact of all our activities. We strive to continuously minimize our specific emissions to air, water an soil by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Close cooperation with local authorities ensure that our efforts to reduce resources create sustainable improvements.


Health & Safety Program Protect the most valuable

With the implementation of the group’s Safety Management Program, work and plant safety have been improved significantly to secure the ability to fulfill the demands of our customers at any time. The Safety Management Program is valid for all employees and contract workers at our sites. 


Energy Program Less is more

The Bruno Bock Group follows this principle when it comes to energy consumption. For this reason, the Bruno Bock Group has set itself the annually recurring task of increasing the energy efficiency by 2.3% and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. In order to realize this, the Bruno Bock Group is continuously working on new ideas, concepts, and projects whose top priority is to improve energy-related performance.


Innovation Innovation for the future

With the opening of the Innovation Center the Bruno Bock Group has shown strong engagement to research and development and has been awarded with a seal "Innovative through Research" by the Stifterverband. This strategic development of the Bruno Bock Group supports competitiveness and creates future-proof jobs.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Part of the Community

The Bruno Bock group sees itself as an integral part of the communities at the individual locations. Besides being a major employer in the communities, the group takes pride in supporting various social activities.