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Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives & Sealants Industry Information

Adhesives are an integral part of our everyday life as they offer many ​advantages over other binding techniques such as sewing, mechanical fastening or thermal ​bonding. These benefits include the ability to bind different materials together, to distribute stress ​more efficiently over the joint, the cost effectiveness of an easily mechanized process and ​increased design flexibility, to name just a few. ​Thiocure® products are a class of specialized hardeners that simultaneously improve the ​adhesive’s properties in terms of chemical, UV and physical resistance, long-lastingness, ​thermal stability and creep resistance.

Electronic Adhesives

Adhesives & Sealants Electronic Adhesives

Fast curing adhesives are mandatory for the mass production of mobile electronic devices. ​Thiocure® products are the preferred hardeners for low temperature fast curing electronic adhesives. ​

Optical Adhesives

Adhesives & Sealants Optical Adhesives

Bonding of optical components requires adhesives with a high refractive index. ​The intrinsic high refractive index of Thiocure® products makes them ideal hardeners for optical adhesives.