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ipox Products

The ipox product portfolio consists of these 5 main product groups:

ipox RD: reactive diluents
ipox CL: crosslinkers/bonding agents
ipox ER: cycloaliphatic epoxy resins
ipox EH: modified amine hardeners
ipox EHw: water-based amine hardeners

In addition to the standard product groups the main ipox competence is the development of tailored solutions for customer specific applications.

More information can be found below or on the ipox website.

ipox RD Reactive diluents

With the reactive diluents ipox RD, epoxy resins can be efficiently thinned and their properties modified in a targeted manner at the same time.

Our modified epoxy resins are special and highly innovative adaptations of the standard epoxy resins category. With our experience and with the help of our reactive diluents ipox RD, we can realize an immense range of such individual adaptations.

Reactive diluents are low-viscosity, mono- or difunctional, aliphatic or aromatic glycidyl ethers of alcohols and alkylphenols and are used to dilute higher viscosity epoxy resins.

The glycidyl ethers used for this purpose are covalently bonded to the polymer and cannot migrate, unlike commercially available solvents.

By using glycidyl ethers as reactive diluents, the final properties such as viscosity, pot life, wetting of pigments and fillers, flammability and, of course, mechanical properties can be optimized.


ipox ER Cycloaliphatische Epoxidharze

Our cycloaphatic epoxy resins are mainly used in systems for 3D printing, as well as highly non-yellowing epoxy systems.

We produce cycloaliphatic epoxy resins (CAS Nr. 13410-58-7, 30583-72-3) based on hydrogenated bisphenol-A (HBPA, CAS nr. 80-04-6) and epichlorohydrin (ECH, CAS nr. 106-89-8). These are used in particular in highly yellowing-resistant epoxy systems, as well as in systems for 3D printing (SLA).

ipox CL Bonding agents / crosslinkers

The ipox CL crosslinkers are special polyfunctional aliphatic epoxies. They improve the adhesion of surfaces. They also increase the network density of coatings - and thus significantly enhance their mechanical properties.

The ipox CL adhesion promoters are special polyfunctional, aliphatic epoxies. They are also called primers and improve the adhesion performance for heavily stressed or poorly adhering surfaces or coatings (surface treatment). As so-called adhesion bridges, primers thus enable optimum adhesion of coatings, paints or even adhesives when applied to the workpiece. They also increase the network density of coatings - and thus significantly enhance their mechanical properties.

Application areas for adhesion promoters and crosslinkers.

Multifunctional primers and crosslinkers are used in a variety of applications, for example in the electronics, tire, paper and pharmaceutical industries, and as crosslinkers for super adsorbers. Primers are also used in transfer printing for materials that are difficult to print on, in adhesive tapes as a primer for poorly adhering or stressed substrates, and in the automotive industry on bumpers. In the production of Super Adsorbers, these primers are used and applied to improve surface crosslinking. The hydrogels of the Super Adsorbers are more stable and can absorb more water more quickly and are more suitable if they have been surface treated beforehand.

ipox EHw Water-based amine hardeners

Epoxy hardeners ipox EHw can be used to formulate epoxy systems with outstanding properties: Simple and low-odor application on the object - without VOC, without emissions!

ipox EH Modified amine hardeners

With ipox EH epoxy hardeners, the properties of epoxy resin systems can be individually determined - fast or slow, hard or impact resistant, low viscosity or high viscosity, hydrophilic or hydrophobic, low VOC or VOC-free.