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Cosmetics Industry Information

The term cosmetic relates to all aspects of beauty and body care and provisions to recover, preserve or improve the appearance of the human body according to the individual or cultural ideal of beauty. The most obvious aspects of cosmetics focus on facial skin, nails and hair as these are visible to the fellow human beings. Hair has always played an important role in the cosmetics industry, as it is framing the face, underlining beauty and youthfulness. Hair is typically modified through a haircut or colour, but there is also the shape of hair that plays an important role.  The Thiocare® H product line provides the most comprehensive portfolio of active ingredients for the formulation of hair forming products independent of whether it is for permanent waving, straightening or removing hair.


Hair Care Perm

Different hair structures require individual solutions for perming hair long lastingly. Thiocare® H has the largest portfolio of high performance active ingredients that provides full formulation versatility for our customers.


Hair Care Straightener

Permanent straightening of hair typically requires the application of active ingredients that soften the hair structure. Thiocare® H products deliver a wide assortment of active ingredients for the formulation of hair straighteners.


Hair Care Depilatory

The preferred way for pain free removal of body hair is depilation with creams. Thiocare® H solutions deliver high performance actives for effective and reliable depilation products.