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Construction chemistry

ipox technologies are extremely resilient, safe and functional, making them the ideal solution for the special challenges of construction chemistry: their use ranges from priming concrete surfaces to high-quality industrial flooring.

Technical fibers

ipox technologies are flexible and adhere well; they ensure the right surface structure of fibers and thus help to avoid fiber breakage. They improve the adhesion performance of matrix systems, for example of rubber on tire cord or of reactive resins on glass fibers. And they are fast to process, saving time and costs.

Performance Chemicals

ipox technologies make performance chemicals even higher quality - from detergents and cleaning agents, to leather and textile chemicals, coatings and plastics, to special products for the oil industry. With ipox, they gain in quality and exceed even the highest technical demands.

Composites and 3D printing

ipox technologies enable the best connection for the strongest materials. Our innovative and highly specialized products are the optimal building blocks for composites, mold making or 3D printing.

Paints and coatings

The ipox range includes several specialty products for the paint and coatings industry. The reduction of VOC, the improvement of toxicological properties and the highest demands on the UV resistance of coating systems are the focus here.