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Benefits for multiple industries

A broad variety of different industries benefit from the unique properties of our products. Our products facilitate the formulation of solutions in the Personal&Home Care industry as well as for the Chemical Industry or emerging technologies.



Personal & Home Care Cosmetics

The Thiocare® H product line provides the most comprehensive portfolio of active ingredients for the formulation of hair forming products independent of whether it is for permanent waving, straightening or removing hair.


Personal & Home Care Cleaners

The Thiocare® C portfolio provides the largest selection of pH neutral cleaning agents for the efficient removal of iron oxides from various surfaces.

Coatings & Castings

Chemical Industry Coatings & Castings

Thiocure® polythiols provide full versatility in the formulation of coatings and castings. Combining Thiocure® products with commercially available resins enables formulators to tailor the curing speeds as well as chemical and mechanical properties of the final product.


Chemical Industry Plastics

High quality Evanstab® products are the materials of choice whenever protection of plastics from thermal or photo-oxidative degradation is required. Our long-term experience in the manufacturing of these products ensure highest quality and reliable supply for our customer´s success.


Chemical Industry Polymers

The Evabopol® portfolio offers a variety of widely compatible chain transfer agents (CTA) designed to provide our customers full application versatility with regards to their individual process.


Chemicals Chemicals

Our Evabochem® portfolio consists of high quality organo-sulfur ingredients or additives tailored to industrial applications and products used as intermediates for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical ingredients and other chemicals. 

New Technologies

New Technologies New Technologies

Innovative Evabotec® products enable our customers from different industries to permanently improve their products and processes that have become an integral part of our everyday life. High-purity Evabotec® products are designed to address a large range of performance needs in the display industry or in 3D-printing.

Adhesives & Sealants

Chemical Industry Adhesives & Sealants

Thiocure® products are a class of specialized hardeners that simultaneously improve the ​adhesive’s properties in terms of chemical, UV and physical resistance, long-lastingness, ​thermal stability and creep resistance.

ipox industries


Construction chemistry

ipox technologies are extremely resilient, safe and functional, making them the ideal solution for the special challenges of construction chemistry: their use ranges from priming concrete surfaces to high-quality industrial flooring.

Technical fibers

Technical fibers

ipox technologies are flexible and adhere well; they ensure the right surface structure of fibers and thus help to avoid fiber breakage. They improve the adhesion performance of matrix systems, for example of rubber on tire cord or of reactive resins on glass fibers. And they are fast to process, saving time and costs.


Performance Chemicals

ipox technologies make performance chemicals even higher quality - from detergents and cleaning agents, to leather and textile chemicals, coatings and plastics, to special products for the oil industry. With ipox, they gain in quality and exceed even the highest technical demands.

Composites/3D Print

Composites and 3D printing

ipox technologies enable the best connection for the strongest materials. Our innovative and highly specialized products are the optimal building blocks for composites, mold making or 3D printing.


Paints and coatings

The ipox range includes several specialty products for the paint and coatings industry. The reduction of VOC, the improvement of toxicological properties and the highest demands on the UV resistance of coating systems are the focus here.