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Chemicals Industry Information

The reactivity of sulfur-containing organic chemicals makes them interesting materials for a wide variety of applications. Thiols, for example, can be used to reduce disulfides in organic materials like hair or to reduce metal oxides in drilling applications or cleaners. In the rubber industry, sulfur is known as a vulcanizing agent or plasticizer, while thioethers can be oxidized to protect polymers from oxidative degradation. In addition, several active pharmaceutical ingredients contain sulfur moieties such as thiophene units that can be synthesized starting from Evabochem® products. Thiophenes are also a key element in the synthesis of electronical conductive polymers such as PEDOT. The Evabochem® portfolio provides a large selection of different sulfur organic products for a wide variety of applications.


Chemicals Leather

Selected Evabochem® products are used for smooth dehairing of animal hides in the leather industry providing stubble free leather surfaces.

Oil & Gas

Chemicals Oil & Gas

Evabochem® products are used in drilling muds to prevent corrosion and to dissolve iron to avoid blocking of capillaries through which oil or gas are flowing. ​


Chemicals Rubber

Selected Evabochem® products are used as plasticizers in the rubber industry.

Chemical Intermediates

Chemicals Chemical Intermediates

Evabochem® products are used as intermediates for the synthesis of APIs, thiophene derivatives, trithiocarbonates for mining applications and as co-catalysts in the manufacturing of Bisphenol A.