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Bruno Bock aligns product portfolio to strategy

The Bruno Bock Group is pleased to announce that on December 15th, 2021, Reagens and Evans Chemetics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bruno Bock, arrived to the final agreement under which Reagens USA is acquiring Evans Chemetics’ Thioester Business, which consists of the Evanstab® family of secondary antioxidant products.

Evans Chemetics and Reagens USA agreed to a transition period during which Evans Chemetics will supply Reagens with thioester products from its plant in Waterloo, NY.

Jelle Westra, Evans Chemetics CEO, commented, “We look forward to transferring our customers to a reliable domestic partner who will ensure continued service and responsiveness to their needs.”

Stefan Wickmann, Bruno Bock CEO added, “The transaction is an important step in Bruno Bock’s efforts to align the group’s product portfolio to more strategically targeted markets and customers. Over time, this alignment will allow us to increase capacity for our core products manufactured in Waterloo, NY.”

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