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Cleaners Industry Information

Cleaning of surfaces for hygienic, aesthetic or protective reasons requires the use of cleaners designed to properly remove all kinds of dirt from the individual substrates without harming the surface. A quite challenging task is the removal of rust from different substrates for aesthetic or protective reasons since mechanical scrubbing can scratch the substrate while chemical dissolution of rust often requires harsh chemicals such as strong acids that can etch the underlying substrate. pH-neutral rust removers from our Thiocare® C portfolio are high performance cleaning agents that effectively remove rust from various substrates without etching the surface. Thiocare® C products are excellent additives in cleaning solutions for automotive applications including car rim cleaners or flash rust removers but also for industrial derouging or removal of rust stains on mineral surfaces.

Rim Cleaner

Cleaners Rim Cleaner

Removal of break dust on car rims can sometimes be taxing. Thiocare® C consists of a wide assortment of high performance cleaning agents that effectively remove dirt from rims.

Rust Remover

Cleaners Rust Remover

Removal of rust is a necessity to extend the lifetime of metal parts. Thiocare® C provides multiple solutions for the manufacturing of pH neutral rust removers.


Cleaners Derouging

Rouge is a rust phenomenon observed on stainless steel surfaces in contact with high purity water. Frequent removal of the rouging layer is required to ensure the quality requirements for highly purified water. Thiocare® C offers fast and safe solutions for industrial de-rouging. 

Surface Cleaner

Cleaners Surface Cleaner

Removal of rust stains from mineral surfaces such as marble or lime stone cannot be performed with acidic cleaners as they destroy the surface. Thiocare® C provides pH neutral cleaning agents for rust removal on mineral surfaces.